Monday, May 7, 2012

There is a silence in the barn... RIP Charlie

There is a silence in the barn. Saturday started out with much excitement. I was off that day and was looking forward to a restful day. We had inventory at work and it had been so busy and hectic. So we were having a big get together and having a crawfish boil. My hubby went out to the barn to feed our horses and noticed Charlie wasn't acting right. He didn't eat his food. Very unlike him. So we kept checking on him. My hubby went back to check on him and he was laying down in his stall. He got him up and that began the walking. Anyone who has horses knows and fears the word Colic. We knew what was coming. My hubby called our vet and he ran and picked up the pain shot. The vet we use is 30 min from our house, so it was an hour round trip. My husbands bf from out of town was here (thank God) and he walked him while I stayed behind with a whip to keep him walking. We walked him for an hour and half he even poo-ed and that is a good sign. My daughters took over for us for about an hour and we had to have the vet come out. She tubed him. If you don't know what that is, it is where they take a long tube and put it through the horses nose to their stomach to drain it. She checked for blockage and said he was impacted and gave him another shot. She said that was all they could do, we would have to ride out the night and see how he does... The next morning, I had to work all day, my hubby went out there and he was still standing. Which is a good sign, but we couldn't give him any food until we knew he had passed the blockage. I got off work and they said he was fine but still acting funny. We kept him on a paste pain med to keep him from hurting. My hubby went out there he was the same went back 45 min later and he was gone! I have only seen my hubby break down crying a handful of times through out our 18yrs together and this was one of those times. He wouldn't let me out in the barn. He kept yelling at me to stay in the house. So I didn't get to say good bye to my boy. My hubby had our friends tractor and dug a hole, he had to cut away part of the barn wall to get him out. He was fine one day and gone the next. Just unbelievable. We lost Maverick last summer a now Charlie. We have 2 horses left and my hubby wants to get rid of them. He says he can't take it any more. Our vet left our place and was going to 2 more clients with the same thing with their horses. These huge creatures are so very fragile. They can colic with the change of weather. It is nothing we did or didn't do. We had them on great diet and even a preventive for colic and it still happened. My heart is so broken. RIP Charlie 5-6-12

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