Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sheeeeees OUT Woo hoo!

OMG!!! She is out! If your not sure what I am talking about... let me do a short re-cap! Last year I was diagnosed with cancer... the same day we signed papers on our new house. Well we had to sell our old house. The market like it was, we had to do something quick. So we did an owner finance. Long story short she hasn't paid us since Jan of this year! That is 6 payments! And during all this my hubby was put on furlow, so needless to say paying for 2 houses and trying to keep our head above water has been tricky! God has been very good to us though! When times were so tight, we didn't know what we were going to do, we just prayed our lil hearts out! And something (God) would always come through for us! It was just too weird and couldn't be coincidental! So fast forward to today! I drive by our old house every day looking to see if the lady is out of our house or not. She had 3 of those Pod things in the yard. Last Tuesday she took one of them off the property, today they were ALL GONE!!! OMG!!! I called my hubby!!! I went home, got changed, loaded up some drinks, my girls, our trailor and headed over to the old house!!! We loaded up rocks and things we had left behind the 1st time. Boy it sure felt weird going back into our old house. Knowing someone else lived there. I had one melt down and started crying. I have so many memories there, my craft room, trees we planted (some she cut down). My FIL passed away in 03 and there are trees there that he planted for us that are so big now. There there are our kids trees. We planted a crepe mertle 1 for each of our 6 kids. The are ginormous! The good news is that we are doing a quick cash buy out with a our realator and will be out from under that whole nightmare at least by the end of this month! We are not making much, but we are going to walk away with some $ in our pocket and be able to breath again! Woo hoo!
Well, thanks for checking in on me! I have to go get some sleep! I have work early in the morning! They are working me almost 38 hours this week! It is inventory week!
Big (((HUGZ)))

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