Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Test results! 3 month check up

I have good news and bad news! The good news is that my tests came back PERFECT! They can't find any cancer! They are still showing something on my left ovary, but it hasn't grown or changed. They think it is a cyst. No biggie! I have graduated also! Instead of going every 3 months I now go every 4 months! I was hoping it would be 6 months, but I am kinda glad there won't be that long of a stretch between visits. That way they can stay on top of any changes.
Now for the bad news. Not sure if you have heard of Furlow, I hadn't until hubby came home and told me. His job has been doing lay offs, cutting the fat, the ones that complained or lazy bad work habits ect. Well they don't want to cut any more people. So they offered a furlow. What this means is one week a month everyone will not work and not get paid. But what they did to help us out was work with the state by allowing the workers to file for unemployment for that week. So my hubby won't be getting his full check, but hopefully they won't take out as much in taxes, then with the unemployment check it will offset it and won't be that bad.
Another bit of good news is that I have been getting over 30 hours a week at Kohl's. So this is really helping. Not sure if I posted here on my blog before or not, but we did an owner finance on our old house (nightmare!) and she hasn't paid us in almost 4 months! So we have been dealing with 2 house notes and ins. too for the past 3 months. God got me through cancer and I know he will get us through this too! I just keep praying. In fact on the way to work, after hubby told me about the furlow, I was praying for God to help us. I got to work was telling one of my bosses about the situation, the next thing ya know my other boss (the one that does the schedules) called my phone and asked me if I would like to work Sunday! WOW! God works fast huh? So that is 6 extra hours! Next week I was supposed to have off 3 days, that was the 1st time in a while, but now I have 2 days off. Oh well! A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do! hehehe
So that is why I haven't been able to post much.
Back a few weeks ago, hubby n me got out and played around with a flowerbed. I bought some flower seeds and they are popping up! I need to run out and snap some pics. We put some of my antiques out there. Like my lil shopping basket and lil wagon. I can't wait to see the flowers bloom! Be looking for pics. I will try and get some before I go to work today at 1pm.
(((HUGZ))) and thank you for all the prayers! They have been answered!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lil Goats!

I have been reading all the blogs and trying to catch up! Tuesday I was off and decided to take my projects outside to stuff while hubby mowed the yard. Well, 3 hours later, I was sunburned! Of course the next day I had to work a 9 hour shift! That was horrible! I am so crispy fried! I will have to take pics tomorrow of how bad it is! I know I know! I should of worn sunblock! Ughhh!
Anyway, Easter we went to my Brother in laws house. Had a great time! Then we went to my nieces future FIL's house. He has 150 goats! They were so cute! There were a lot that were born that week! There was only 1 lil black n white one! That was my fav! Sooo adorable! There was also a lil tiny one in the barn that nibbled my ear! Here are some pics

Here are my silly girls! From left to right Angel, Jordan (niece), Kaylee, Katelynn

Well need to head to bed! I have to be at work at 8am! My next day off is Monday! I will go for my 3 month check up results!
Hope everyone is having a great week!

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