Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years 2011 Special quilt!

I know I am late posting but I was having fun with some out of town guest! My hubby's bff since 4th grade and his wife came up with their RV. My MIL came up too. We had a bunch of kids over and had a blast. We cleared out the living room, decorated it and hung a disco ball!
The best part of New Years was when my hubby's friends wife and I were talking and I was showing her my antique quilts. I was telling her that I wasn't lucky enough to have a grandma to have made me one. That all of mine have been bought. I just love them even the tattered ones. Next thing I know she disappeared. She walked back in with a quilt in her hand. It was so pretty! She said her grandmother made it. How awsome! Next thing I know she is telling me it is mine! I was like NO!!! You can't give me your grandmothers quilt! But she kept insisting and said she would give it to my hubby! (he loves quilts too!) I just cried!!! I love her to death!
Here is how I display my quilts. I use an old ladder and hang them on the rungs. The red one is the one she gave me! There is also a pic of me and her! I am on the right and she is on the left.

I hope everyone had a happy and safe new year!!! Thank you so much for following my blog!!! (((HUGZ))) Shawnette :)

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