Thursday, September 22, 2011

Satellite Dish Gazebo!

I had ran across a blog a while back that had a pic of an old satellite dish used as the roof of a gazebo! Well I have been on the hunt for one and finally found one on Craigslist! It has been in our yard waiting patiently to be transformed! Well that day finally came! I started painting and my hubby started digging the holes for the poles! Still need more white paint, but it is a start! We are going to put a concrete floor and banisters all around as well as benches! I am so excited! It is close to where we laid our sweet Maverick to rest.
Here are some pics. I look awful, but I was off and didn't want to put on make up to do yard work! LOL

On another note, I just had my 6 month check up and it didn't go too well. I got sick during the CT scan. My youngest daughter went with me. I don't know how I drove home that day. I had such a terrible headache to boot too. I think it was from not having my morning coffee. I had my tests done on the 15th and find out the results on the 27th. My hubby always goes with me for those. Say a prayer for me if you could! Love n (((HUGZ))) Nutter

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What a busy summer! I ma sorry so long in between posts!
Our middle son got married. We gained an awesome daughter! They were actually on the cover of a small town magazine!

We took the kids to Six Flags and visited my SIL

I did 5 Pay it forwards! So I have done a lil bit of crafting.

I am currently working on some Halloween stuff. Just so hard to get into crafting lately. It has been so hot! Texas has been having the worst drought since the 50's! I am so ready for some of the rain that our New England neighbors are getting. At this point I would be looking forward to a hurricane! Our poor pond is down at least 5-6ft! It is usually the kids local hang out. But since it has been so low, I don't want the kids swimming in it. We did get a few scattered showers this week and saw an amazing rainbow!
Here is a pic my daughter took. God is an amazing artist! :)

Work has been taking up a lot of my time as well. I got a promotion and do all kinds of stuff now. I really love my job and the people I work with. It keeps me busy.
If you don't have a Facebook you don't know what your missing. I have found so many friends from school as well as tons of fellow artists. I am a bit consumed by it! Right now my current addiction is Frontier ville. A game on FB. If you do have a FB feel free to add me.

Now on the the not so great news. Aug 15th was my birthday. I had planned a giveaway, but we had a tragedy. Our horse Maverick got sick, real sick. Paint horses have a genetic problem I didn't know about. Has something to do with their intestines. He was down on his side and we thought it was colic. I ran to get mineral oil and he ran to the vet for some pain meds to help relive him. Well we finally got him up and walking but something still wasn't right. He felt cold to the touch and wasn't acting right. We ended up calling our vet out to check him. She pulled us over to the side away from our kids and said he needed surgery which would be at the minimum $7500 with no guarantee. So with heavy heart we decided to end his pain. I ran to the house crying. I couldn't be out there. I think half our neighborhood came out that night. I cried myself to sleep. A neighbor brought his tractor down to help with the burial. If you have never had a horse, you will know how painful this is. He had the bluest eyes that were so human like. And a personality to match. He would drink tea out of our cups, eat ice cubes, drink beer. He was a real goober. I am going to miss him so much. I felt like a balloon and someone just stuck a needle in me. This was my hubby's horse. They had a bond like no other, everyone knew it too. He was gentle giant that would lick you like a puppy. I am going to miss him for eternity.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope to be posting some new prims! Stay tuned!
(((HUGZ))) Nutt

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