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Monday, June 8, 2009

Star wrought iron Firewood holder!

Hubby has been busy this week! This is another one of his projects he made from stuff we had laying around! I about died when I saw it! I just love it!!! He says he wants to add more to it, but I love it the way it is! See the stars he welded to it?

New primitive star shelf!

Well this past week hubby was on furlow again. I don't like the part of not being paid, but he likes the time off to get stuff done! I came home from work and he had a suprize for me! This shelf! I think he has to move it up some for the curtains to hang right.

We painted our bathroom a pale blue, but now I don't like it! Just doesn't seem to go with the them of the house! I was trying to think outside the box! Hubby confessed that he wasn't that thrilled about it either. So after all the painting, we have to do it again! I like the color that is on my stairway, so that will most likely be our next color. I want to make it a primitive bathroom! So starting again from scratch! lol Still need curtains too! I am off tomorrow and got off work early today, so maybe I can get stuff done! Thanks for stopping by!