Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ate some mud bugs!

If you don't know what mud bugs are, it is crawfish! After having my chemo treatments last year I went to a friends house and I actually ate them and liked them. Well I thought I would give it another try this weekend, not so much! lol Guess my tastebuds went back the way they were before! lol I took a pic of them too! Gross I know!

We had such a great time, met some more of our neighbors! One lady there thinks her mom knows one of my friends from Primmart! Still need to email her and find out! Small world, huh?
There was this crazy redneck guy that had a syrup bottle filled with jack n coke! OMG! It was too funny! He called it his redneck flask!

Here is another redneck that was at the party! I had to take a pic! It was too funny!

Our neighbors just bought some baby chicks! They were so cute!

I call this pic chick magnet!

Oh and speaking of new animals! I forgot to post the pic our our new sheep we got for our oldest daughter for FFA! It's name is Lambchop! We have had her for a month, and today was weigh in. She was the biggest one there! She gained 25lbs!!! I am sooo proud of my daughter! She has been taking such good care of her! Getting up every morning at 5am and feeding her, getting home from school and walking and feeding her!
I have another post to make so I will go ahead and make this one! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My LION!!!

My LION! LOL My hubby shaved my cat the day before convention! Don't worry he loves his new look! He is going to be so much cooler this summer too! He just layed there and let him cut him! I also am including a before pic too! Our cutters broke before we could do our Pomeranian! So we need to get a new pair!
Well have to work today at 2pm! Short shift, just 4 hours! I just love those!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

32 Convention Pics! My junking finds!!!

Good evening! I finally have a moment to add some pics of my trip to Pa!
OMGosh! I can't even begin to tell you how much fun it was! It was so great seeing familiar faces and some new ones too! I miss them soo much!
These pics are pics from our meet n greet night! I was the last one to show up! Due to me missing my flight! ughh!

Saturday we went antiquing! OMG!!! I was in heaven! The prices were sooo good too! I just needed a Uhaul to get it all home! hehehe On the way there we passed a covered bridge! I just had to snap a pic!

At one of the lil shops we went to she decorated her place up sooo cute! I just loved how she did her lil signs in the gardens! She used rebar and chunky pieces of wood!

I loved this lil corn husker, I think that is what this is!

This is the inside of her shop!

These were so pretty!

I loved this lil lanter light!

I wanted this so bad for my yard!

Another shop (very over priced! or at least our of my budget!) had this adorable bird cage! But just look at the price! $165!

And not sure what this is but I would love to have it!!! Wouldn't it be great for fabric or crafting stuff?

Next we went to lunch at this awsome restraunt! It was buffet style and all home made! YUMMM!!! Here are a few of the gurls outside!

Cute sign along the way!

This was a gag shop! Mari is sitting on a toilet seat hanging on the wall!

Cedara n Sherry outside a yarn shop!

A gorgeous dogwood tree!

Sunday we went to the flea market. Apparently it is inside an old amusement park! There was an old wooden rollercoaster and even a mushroom! This is where I found some awsome deals!!! I still don't know how I got everything home on my flight! I even got a watering can for $6!!!

And last but not least! This is all the swap prizes, drawing prizes, gifts that I got from convention! They were so awsome! Thank you to all those that donated the prizes!!!

Well that is is for me! I have been working on this post for 2 1/2 hours! I hope you enjoyed looking at my goodies! I have to go to work in the morning! Please leave me a comment! I love hearing from yall! Have a great and safe weekend! (((HUGZ)))

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back from Convention!

Lots of pics to share! If you have facebook, I have added pics there. I am getting ready for bed. Work in the morning! I will post when I get off! Had such a great time!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's day & Primmart Convention 2009!

I wanted to pop on and say Happy Mother's day to everyone! I am missing my mom, but she is in my heart.
Things are busy here, as usual! With work and all!
Friday I am leaving to go to Pa. to see my Primmart friends! What is Primmart? It is an online group of women, and some men, who share their lives, crafts, families and hearts with me and over 2,000 other women! Many are crafters, painters, and doll makers, but there are some that just like to look, shop and buy!
I owe these gurls so much! Last year when I was diagnosed with my cancer, they lifted my spirits, prayed, called and emailed me so I wouldn't give up! Every day was like Christmas! They sent cards, letters, dolls lil gifts and even a laptop! WOW! I don't know what I would of done with out them! This year things are so tight, as with everyone, but my hubby made sure I was able to go and be with my friends to personally thank them for all they did for me,... us!
I have been working on things for them and thinking of what I am going to wear. My stomache flips when I think it is almost here! I hate flying, but once I get there it will all be worth it!
Here is a link to my pics from the convention 2007
and here is the 2006 pics!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

New fur Baby! And fur baby pics!

We have lost our minds! My BIL had a baby in Feb and felt they had no time for their fur baby. So they wanted to find her a new home. I absolutely love Boston Terriers! We had one years back and lost her to diabetes. I sure miss her! Well, when I heard that he wanted to find his a new home I gave my hubby the puppy dog eyes and said PWEEEEEEZE???!!!! Then my gurls worked on him too! I knew he wanted her, but was giving us a hard time! lol So Thursday after my dentist appt., hair appt. he went and got her!!! OMG! She is such a bundle of energy! My pom is the one that took to her right away. My bulldog was indifferent, but my chi & weinie dog couldn't stand her! Well it has been 2 days now and they are all playing together! I tried to get a pic of all 5 of them together! Do you know how hard that is? LOL I only got 4 of them! My pom is the only one we bought. All the others have been rescued or given to us! Yes even the bulldog! I just love them! Here are some pics!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Lots of updates and pics!!!

Good evening! Wow! Things sure have been busy here! I am sure it is like that for you too!
After working 6 days back to back, what do I get to do on my day off? Sit at the dentists’ office! I am sooo impatient and hate to wait! Ughhhh! I need a lot of work done, but for now it is going to have to wait! Thursday I was off and today I had to work. But I am off Saturday! Yippee! My daughter is in FFA and we are going to pick up her sheep! I can’t wait!
Ok back to yesterday! I got my hair cut!!! This was my 1st official hair cut since my hair started growing in!!! I have mixed feelings about it because I had lil curls in the back! I have never had naturally curly hair! It has always been straight as a board! So now it is all gone! Here is a pic! Let me know what ya think!

While I was at work today, my hubby painted our bed! He made this a while back when we got the new mattress. It is made from an old door. I just love it! He painted it black, but you can see the old wood and color showing through!
I have 2 different comforters. I was going to try and do a more mod look, but everyone says that it just doesn't match our house! Oh well! At least I got both of them for a very good price at Kohls! I think the patchwork quilt, I only paid like $22 for! And it is a king size and came with lil throw pillows and shams!
So anyway here are both looks!

Oh and I have been wanting to show this to yall for a while now! I bought this at a lil antique shop on the way home from Austin back in Jan.! It is an antique corn husker or shucker with the whole display! Your not going to believe the price! $48! I couldn't believe it! My hubby added the star on the front!

And here is a transom that we picked up back in Feb. when we got the door for our head board. My hubby left the chippy paint, but did use a lil wood glue to put it back together. I still need to paint the bottom shelf and the crown molding. So much to do and so lil time to do it! They have really been working me to death at Kohls!

I still am not done with it yet though as far as decorating. I want to add pip berries and lights and of course more stars! hehehe
So that is my update for this week! How was your week?

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