Sunday, December 14, 2008

Elf Yourself!

Hi all! I wanted to pop in and say hi and thank you for visiting my blog! I wanted to get something I have been working on listed on ebay today, but family came 1st today! I started my day shopping at the place I work... Kohl's! Then picked up my daughter Angel from her friends house. Then back home and locked myself in my bedroom! Once in there I spent the next 4 hours in a sea of boxes and clothes and gifts! Wow! I sure hope my gurls love their gifts! I feel very blessed to be able to afford Christmas this year with all that has happened to us this year and now the people that are in our old house aren't paying their mortgage. Fun stuff, huh? Ok enough of the yucky stuff!
Can you believe it is Christmas? I don't want it to be here and gone! I want Christmas to last at least another month! I have tons of ideas that I still haven't got to paper yet! And OMGosh!!! The most amazing thing happened the other day on my way home from work.... SNOW!!!! Yes SNOW!!! I know some of you up north are thinking what is so special about that? Well here in my neck of the woods it only snows about every 10 years. In fact when I got to my job the next morning someone built a snowman in the parking lot! I just had to jump out and take a pic of him then with him! It was on my phone, still not sure how to put those onto my puter yet. I have lots of pics to share, but not enough time tonight to get them uploaded. I have to be at work at 7am!
Today we finally got our tree too! I am sooooo excited! For years now, I have wanted to put my primitive handmade ornies on our family tree. Well hubby has always said no. Well since packing up our old house to the new house, we can find our other ornaments. So I suggested we just use my prim ones. He said ok! Hehehehe Well, let me tell you, my tree is PACKED with ornies! OMG!!! It is so precious to me! Each one is so special and made with love from my prim sistas! It is soooo pretty! Again, I will have to post pics! After I got it all done, my hubby looked at it and said that it was better than any other tree we have put up! hahaha I tried to tell him!!! Even my gurls said that this was their favorite! I am just so happy! I can't wait to show it off!
Oh yeah my hubby is making a custom light for our kitchen. Right now we need to add more lights to it or something because it still doesn't seem to bright, but I love how it looks so far! Will have to add pics of that too!
Well I think that is it for now, thanks for checking in on me!
Here is a video I made of Me, Shelly (owner of Primmart) Judy (co-owner of CPV) Sherry (Anniescupboards) and Megan (American Prim). I sure can't wait till the Primmart convention!
Hope you enjoy this video!

Firecracker Annie! Available!