Thursday, February 5, 2015

And one more thing.... I made a pattern!!! 1st one in years! So I was rusty at it and it took me probably a week to get it done! Had to uninstall programs and reinstall! It was a nightmare, but I got it done!!! This is for my Valentines Day Raggedies! If you would prefer to buy the pattern and make your own, well this is for you! But if not I do have the finished dolls in my Etsy shop! Here is the link to Patternmart for the Epattern! Valentine Raggedy epattern
Hi! So glad you stopped by! I wanted to share the Valentine Raggedies I made for this year!
There are also a couple of cupids as well! There is still time to ship them before Valentines day!
And ladies, lets face it! We never get what we want for Valentine's day! Or not exactly! So if you have been wanting a special Raggedy or maybe one of mine, you should treat yourself!  They are only $25 each plus shipping. If you would like to purchase them directly from me, send me an email at Or you can go to my Etsy shop and purchase them there! Here is the link: Imseeingraggedies Etsy
Thank you so much for stopping by. And sorry for my absence!

Firecracker Annie! Available!