Friday, May 1, 2009

Lots of updates and pics!!!

Good evening! Wow! Things sure have been busy here! I am sure it is like that for you too!
After working 6 days back to back, what do I get to do on my day off? Sit at the dentists’ office! I am sooo impatient and hate to wait! Ughhhh! I need a lot of work done, but for now it is going to have to wait! Thursday I was off and today I had to work. But I am off Saturday! Yippee! My daughter is in FFA and we are going to pick up her sheep! I can’t wait!
Ok back to yesterday! I got my hair cut!!! This was my 1st official hair cut since my hair started growing in!!! I have mixed feelings about it because I had lil curls in the back! I have never had naturally curly hair! It has always been straight as a board! So now it is all gone! Here is a pic! Let me know what ya think!

While I was at work today, my hubby painted our bed! He made this a while back when we got the new mattress. It is made from an old door. I just love it! He painted it black, but you can see the old wood and color showing through!
I have 2 different comforters. I was going to try and do a more mod look, but everyone says that it just doesn't match our house! Oh well! At least I got both of them for a very good price at Kohls! I think the patchwork quilt, I only paid like $22 for! And it is a king size and came with lil throw pillows and shams!
So anyway here are both looks!

Oh and I have been wanting to show this to yall for a while now! I bought this at a lil antique shop on the way home from Austin back in Jan.! It is an antique corn husker or shucker with the whole display! Your not going to believe the price! $48! I couldn't believe it! My hubby added the star on the front!

And here is a transom that we picked up back in Feb. when we got the door for our head board. My hubby left the chippy paint, but did use a lil wood glue to put it back together. I still need to paint the bottom shelf and the crown molding. So much to do and so lil time to do it! They have really been working me to death at Kohls!

I still am not done with it yet though as far as decorating. I want to add pip berries and lights and of course more stars! hehehe
So that is my update for this week! How was your week?

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