Saturday, February 21, 2009

One year ago today!

Exactly one year ago today I had signed papers on our new house, later that afternoon I found out that I had Lymphoma! What a year it has been! Now CANCER FREEE! MD Anderson ROCKS! But I know it wasn’t just them that saved me! It was all the out pouring of love and prayers from friends across the globe! I just couldn’t imagine so many people actually took time out of their busy schedules to pray for me! There were people that told their churches about me and they put me on the prayer list. It was just the most amazing thing I have ever gone through! I don’t think of my cancer as a bad thing. Not at all! In fact it was the best thing that could have happened to me! It brought my family closer together, and a new found appreciation for each other! During my whole treatment I didn’t feel afraid, I felt like a huge blanket had been wrapped around me. It wasn’t until my cancer was gone that I felt scared. I thought I would be forgotten and people weren’t going to be praying for me still, like someone snatched my blanket away. I know different now though! Many have told me they keep me in their thoughts and prayers. I have had 2- 3 month check ups and both were good! No more cancer cells to be found! I have gone back to work in November 08 at Kohl’s. I love working there! They feel like a 2nd family to me. I just wished I had more time off to craft! That keeps me sane! I wished I could clone myself and let Nutt stay home to sew! Hehehehe
I really love our new house so much! We have done so many changes to it to make it our own. Our latest endeavor is new beds! My hubby is so sweet! He made our head board for our bed from an old door. I still need to paint it. He made our youngest daughter a queen sized bed with huge drawers under the bed on either sides (still need to paint this too!). And last omgosh my middle daughter had the most odd room in the house. Her closet was huge with an octagon window in it. Just weird! So we tore out most of that wall and made an arch, put 2 pot lights inside the arch and made her a built in bed where her closet used to be! Then he added a closet on the outside wall! She loves hello kitty stuff, so I ordered her a blanket that is just perfect! It is the recycle hello kitty! Anyway here is a pic of her and her room! Can you tell what her fav color is? lol

Here is a before pic!


Here is a couple of pics of our bed! Still need to paint it though! Don't look at all my junk! LOL

Thank you again to everyone who sent cards, letters, gifts and most importantly PRAYERS!!! I love yall!!!

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