Saturday, February 7, 2009

Went Junking and have the flu! Ughh!

Well this just never happens! Since going back to work at Kohl's I haven't had many days off. Well this weekend it fell that I was off Fri Sat and Sun! Those are the the days my hubby works. So what does he do? He took vacation so we could do things together! Friday we got up early to go junking (AKA antiquing). Well I was just starting to feel bad, and as the day went on I just got worse. We did manage to hit a few antique shops. I got some really neat stuff! One thing that was my absolute fav was a shopping cart!!! I had to argue with hubby over that one! But I won! It was only..... ready for this? 5 DOLLARS!!! I have been wanting one FOREVER!!!

That was my 1st score!
Next we went to Crosby to these 4 lil antique shops all in a row.
I got the cutest lil ladder for $14!

I found the cutest lil blue wooden chair also! Along with an iron wall basket planter thingy! And if you look in the basket you will see the miniature horse hames (bridal thing and bit). I think the chair was $5, the basket was $14, and the horse thing was $15!

Oh I also got this big galvanized chicken waterer thing. It was the highest amount I spent on something. It was $25, but I love it. I didn't get a pic of it yet, I will have to take one tomorrow and post.

Our last stop was this door place. They install doors and have the old ones on the property that they take out. I was on the hunt for one for our headboard. The very 1st one is the one we ended up getting. Then we also found an iron gate, not sure what we are going to do with it yet, but I liked it. And my most fav thing we found there was a huge transum (sp?) half round window! lol I got all 3 of them for $60! Wooo hoo!

Well nuts!!! I need to get a pic of the door that will be our future headboard. Guess I will do that tomorrow!
I need to get back to bed! I have been running 102 fever. The dr called me in a RX. It seems to be helping, but I just have no energy, but my mind is racing wanting to do so much on my days off, but doesn't look like I will get it done. I feel so sorry for my hubby. He was really looking forward to doing stuff with me.
Well thanks for reading! (((HUGZ)))

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