Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ate some mud bugs!

If you don't know what mud bugs are, it is crawfish! After having my chemo treatments last year I went to a friends house and I actually ate them and liked them. Well I thought I would give it another try this weekend, not so much! lol Guess my tastebuds went back the way they were before! lol I took a pic of them too! Gross I know!

We had such a great time, met some more of our neighbors! One lady there thinks her mom knows one of my friends from Primmart! Still need to email her and find out! Small world, huh?
There was this crazy redneck guy that had a syrup bottle filled with jack n coke! OMG! It was too funny! He called it his redneck flask!

Here is another redneck that was at the party! I had to take a pic! It was too funny!

Our neighbors just bought some baby chicks! They were so cute!

I call this pic chick magnet!

Oh and speaking of new animals! I forgot to post the pic our our new sheep we got for our oldest daughter for FFA! It's name is Lambchop! We have had her for a month, and today was weigh in. She was the biggest one there! She gained 25lbs!!! I am sooo proud of my daughter! She has been taking such good care of her! Getting up every morning at 5am and feeding her, getting home from school and walking and feeding her!
I have another post to make so I will go ahead and make this one! Thanks for stopping by!

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