Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pond fun/decorating! and baby ducks!

This is what my hubby and I have been working on! The kids are going to have so much fun this summer! We are going to have our own water park in our own back yard! LOL
We have an island in the middle with 2 large oak trees on it and a bridge that goes across. We are building a gazebo over the water. The kids can get in their tubes and circle the island! Now we have a rope swing they can swing out! We still need to get an ariator for the back of the pond. We love the water tower! (my hubby made it!)It ciculates the water and sounds so nice! My hubby also finally got our swing up! OMG! I love sitting out there and listening to nature! It is so calming! We are working on a waterfall as well not only for looks but to circulate the water as well!
Here are some of the pics:

Here is the swing! Hubby added 2 seating areas to the sides and laid some brick down for our feet!

And last but not least here are our 15 baby ducks! They are growing so fast!

Finally got some mojo back!

I have missed sewing more than I can tell ya! Now that I work outside the home, there just isn't enough of "Me" to go around! We have been working on our pond on my off days so that has been taking time away from my me time as well!
I had made this 3D doll a while back, but wasn't satisfied with the frame. It needed something more. Well I finally figured out what it needed! Some rusty stars paint and staining! LOL The only problem I am having is how to ship her? Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated! If anyone ever ships paintings and knows how to package them PLEASE email me or post! TY! :)
Here she is!

I also finished up a Bear and 4 5 1/2" Raggedies as well as a stand up Raggedy. Still not sure if I want to list them on Feebay or just post them here or on my website! Heck if you see one that calls to your heartstrings, shoot me an offer!
Here are their pics:

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Junking finds!

Last week my hubby took me junking! We hit a couple of antique shops. OMGosh! I had such a blast! Below are some pics of my scores! Most of my stuff is put in storage until we can make room for it all. Some will be going into what will be our party room eventually. Still have to build it! lol
It was so much fun to get out and do some "pickin"! I just love that show "American Pickers!" That would be my Dream job!
Oh and I finally found some glass knobs at a price I was willing to pay!!! Woo hoo!
Have you been pickin lately? What have you scored? I would love to see!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

So much sadness lately paying my respects

In Jan. my dear friend lost her hubby. He was only 41. They still don't know what happened to him. He was at work when it happened.
Bobby Marshea' Shelby n Shay

Then Penny lost her battle with leukemia. She is a fella crafter. I never met her, but you could tell she was just a bubbly person to be around and so talented and loved by so many.

Another Primmart sister Retha was found dead murdered by her husband. I can't even begin to tell you how much hate I have for that beast. I hope he gets what is coming to him.
Retha n Diane

Then last but not least my cousin finally met her sould mate. They had only been married 2 yrs and had a set of twins (who just turned 1 in Feb). Well she just lost him due to an anurism. He died on my oldest daughter's bday and was buried on the anniversay of my mom's death. Mar 29.
Courntney n Casey

All 4 of these sweet souls were taken before their time, or before our time we wanted them to have. They were all loved by so many, including me.
RIP my sweet friends.

Another cancer check up and GRADUATED!

Hello out there in blog land! I haven't forgotten you! I just have been insanely busy!
I had another cancer check up, pet scans, ct scans had to drink that nasty stuff, but good news! I am still cancer free! Another bit of good news was that I graduated from going every 4 months to every 6 months!!! That is only TWICE a YEAR!!! Woo hoo!!!
The sad news is our Houston MD Anderson is losing a dr. Yep, mine! She and her hubby (who is also a dr.) are relocating to Pa. I cried 3 times before I left that day. I know I won't ever see her again. She got me through the cancer and now she is leaving me! She told me I didn't need her any more, that others need her in Pa. I guess she is right, but a lil selfish part of me wants to keep her here! I wish her the best of luck. She is awsome!
I have more to post, but going to do a separate post!

Firecracker Annie! Available!