Thursday, October 14, 2010

Antique Church Duck house!

Good morning! I am off for 3 days!!! I hope to get lots of sewing done! I have been working on my 28 ornies for the Primmart swap. I have 2 more to stitch, then stain! The the fun part... adding the facial features and dressing!
This past weekend I mentioned to my hubby that our lil duckies (13 of them) need some place warm to sleep for the winter. This is what he came up with!!! An antique Church!!! We still have a lil bit left to do to it. I have been looking for some old tin for the roof, and I would like to white wash it as well! I think he did a great job on it! Our lil duckies are going to be so happy!!! :)
Well back to work!!!

Firecracker Annie! Available!