Sunday, September 21, 2008

I finally have a blog!

1st off let me say I have finally got on the BLOG WAGON!
I hope that I am doing this right!
2nd I am happy to say we survived Ike! Last night after 8 days with no power or generator, we have power again! We lost prime on our water well, so that meant no shower still, but we had AC! I have tons of pics to upload and share. We feel very lucky and blessed that nothing serious happened to our family or home. So many we know lost their homes. We did have an ER trip with my middle daughter. With out power, my hubby sent us to our middle son's apt (he never lost power). We were there all of about 30 min. and my daughter had caught her leg on his "gaming chair". Her skin ripped like you would fabric. I nearly passed out. So off to the ER we went. I was really impressed with the hosp. It was running on 1/2 power and we were only there for 3 hours. Which I didn't think was too bad. Ten stitches later, we headed back to his apt. My MIL finished dinner while we were gone and I finally got a glass of tea and a hot bath! I fell asleep in there for 2 hours! We stayed there 2 nights, then decided to go back home since we had a cold front come through. My hubby didn't want us to leave! I think he missed us! hehehe
We did things out in the yard which required no electricity. From picking up branches to our flowerbeds. I even got to go digging through our storage barn! Something I have been wanting to do since we moved to our new home! All my goodies were way in the back and I was itching to get them out. So reluctantly my hubby helped me! I put out some of my antiques and decorated my porch. I will have to take pics of that and post them! I even painted an old milk can that I had started about 6 yrs ago! I finally finished it! I need to take a pic of that too!
This morning my hubby and I finally got our well primed! So, we are just waiting for the hot water heater to do it's job!
Thanks for stopping by!

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Welcome Welcome! I enjoyed reading your blog and can't wait to see more!

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