Saturday, March 21, 2009

Going Green, What have you done?

I noticed on another bloggers’ page that March 28 is Earth Hour. You ask “What is Earth Hour?” World wide everyone is participating (hopefully) turning off their power for 1 hour @ 8:30 pm! If everyone does this, can you imagine how much this will help Mother Earth? Save this graphic to put on your blog, or do what I did, I have it tiled on my desk top to remind me! Please help spread the word! This is next Saturday! Light a candle, spend some time with your family! All while saving the planet!
Everyone is going green! Including me! I wished we had the mandatory separate your garbage here. That way everything would be recycled. I have been guilty of buy those big packs of styrofoam plates from Wallyworld. Well, we just used up the last of them! If I buy any kind of disposable plates, it will be the cheapy paper ones. They are more biodegradable. I don’t buy them unless necessary. I have been using the old fashioned glass plates!
Oh speaking of glass, I want to throw this out to you too! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! DO NOT PUT PLASTIC BOWLS INTO THE MICROWAVE! As a cancer survivor I have been reading up on things that possibly cause cancer. MD Anderson seems to believe there is a link between using plastic bowls in the microwave and cancer! So this is another thing I have changed with my family. My girls are telling their friends too! So maybe it will domino and may just save one life! Oh and another thing on plastic, DON’T put the water bottles in the freezer! The cold does something to the plastic molecular structure and is bad for you also, as it gets into your water. Sorry to have gone off subject here! LOL But speaking of water bottles, since going back to work I use them. Well Kohl’s used to have a water service and have a water cooler in the break room. Well they are going GREEN too! They cancelled their service and installed an ionic water purifier. The water isn’t cold coming out, but hey it is purified! So instead of having to bring 2 water bottles, I just refill mine, pop it in the fridge and it is cold for my next break.
I have been saving the cardboard boxes, like cereal, paper towel and TP tubes ect. and taking them to be recycled.
Also, MAN has taken so much from the wildlife from all the clearing of trees and pollution ect. When I clean out my fridge I take out the leftovers to the animals. I can’t stand to waste food. What my family doesn’t want, a lil raccoon would love to have! I am guilty of not buying those bags that you bring to stores so that you don’t use more plastic bags. I do hope to buy some soon though.
If we all pitch in we can make this world a better place!
Ok that is my soap box… I am done! Hehehehe Hope everyone is having a great weekend! It is BEAUTIFUL here in Texas!
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Max @ENSO said...

It's good to have a soap box. If more of us did it we might make a change for the good. Each and everyone of us have good ideas that will help the environment, all we need to do is take action and like you...tell others. Keep up the good work.


Imseeingraggedies Nutt said...

Thank you Max for your comment!
I just checked out your link! That sounds awsome! I hope these go world wide and everyone starts using them! Woo hoo! Plastic that is biodegradable!

Appleberry Farm said...

It's the little things Nutt!! As of May 30 you can longer get plastic bags at the checkout, you HAVE to bring your own (I have so many cloth bags but I forget to take them with me so I have to buy more!) We have been doing Earth hour for the past 2 years and I think it is a fabulous idea. We just sit around and talk for the hour and it is over before you know it!! Glad you're doing your bit for the racoon population. x x

Imseeingraggedies Nutt said...

Oh WOW!!! I didn't know that about the bags May 30!!! Well I best get to buying some! lol Kohl's carries them!
WOW! And to think back when I worked at Krogers they were trying to push the fabric bags! That has been about 15yrs ago! To think of all those plastic bags I have gotten! WOW!!! What a shame!

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