Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tribute to my Bully Mya RIP 6-24-09

Hi blogging friends. Wen. morning I posted pics of my minis I created, and was off to work. It has been sooo dry and hot here with temps in the 100's. We don't leave our fur babies outside too long, they stay inside mostly. Well, Mya was outside and I think she had a heat stroke. I got home that evening around 5:30 or 6pm to find her in the house drooling and panting. My hubby had the fan on her, but it didn't help. I am not sure if she may have had a heat stroke or her cancer returned. I sat there and pet her and scratched her butt. She looked up at me with those human like eyes and I knew she was going to leave me. She died in my arms. I have just been devastated. She was my popcorn, as she used to bounce around when she got excited. Just a silly girl. I will forever miss her. She took with her a huge piece of my heart. I still can't believe she is gone. Sometimes I can still hear her snore.


dee begg said...

Awww...what a shame to hear that. Sorry your furbaby has passed. She was sure a cutie and looked like she had personality for sure. Take care and remember the times that you did share.


Brush Creek Creations said...

I'm so sorry! Your blog has brought tears to my eyes! I love dogs and have lost 3 through the years. It never gets easier. I miss them all so terribly much. Your in my thoughts. Jen Mayo

Leslie ~ HarvestHomePrimitives said...

I am SO very sorry to hear of your loss. Our pets are just like our babies and I know how your heart must hurt. I will be thinking and praying for you.

Penny @ Miss Pootsie's Primitives said...

So sorry to hear that Shawnette. You hang in there honey. She's in a better place where it NEVER gets too hot, where there's always lots of pup goodies, and no fleas! My thoughts are with you dear.

Imseeingraggedies Nutt said...

Thank you so much Dee!
Thank you Jen, I have had quite a few tears flowing daily! I just keep looking for her.
Thank you Leslie!
Thank you so much Penny! I know she is in a better place, I can't wait to see her again.

My Little Raggedy Blessings said...

Oh Shawnette Sweetie I am so sorry ,sending you a great big (((HUG)))That has to tug at your heart big time .

Hugs hugs and more hugs

Khris said...

ohhh thats so sad...I am sorry for your loss...hugs from Khris in Oz

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