Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sorry for my absense

I had to take a break from blogging. Every time I came to post a new post I would see my last post about Mya and break down crying. So here I am today pushing forward. I have had lots going on in my life. My dad passed away on the 15th of cancer, but don't be too sad for him. He did some not so nice things to my daughters and even hit my grandmother the day they took him to the hospice. I hate that side of him, but miss the funny charming guy that I knew, before the truth was known. I will leave it at that. I have cried my eyes out.
Good is always out there and there was good that came of this too! I have know for some time now that I had a 1/2 sister named Kaitlin that was not much older than my own daughter Katelynn. I asked family members about her and they wouldn't tell me the mom's name or give any info for fear of my dad's temper. He didn't want any of us to have anything to do with her. And that's not all! I have a 1/2 brother Jeffrey, same story. No one was allowed to have any contact with his mom. He is only 12 yrs old! Well my aunt (dads sister) gave me the missing links I needed! She had found both moms on facebook! I contacted both not knowing what kind of response I was going to get! OMG! Dale (Kaitlins mom) is such a sweetheart! And Jackie I have met years back and she is a sweety too! Just when I thought my family was getting smaller... Poof it just got larger! lol Here are some pics of my new family!

This is my lil brother! Jeffrey!

This is his mom Jackie!

This is Kaitlin!

Here is her mom Dale!

Here is the old dad I knew. I was actually pregnant with my middle daughter Angel! We were going to his Night's of Columbus formal. Not really sure what they do, it is all top secret. They aren't allowed to say anything to anyone as to what goes on at the meetings. Just weird! Oh well, I guess I will never know now!


dee begg said...

Wow! You certainly have had a lot going on. First let me say that I'm sorry to hear of your dad's passing. And so glad that you are able to connect to your 1/2 they can stop wondering about the "other" family as I'm sure they knew about you.

We had a similar situation in my family but it was my grandfathers child and my mother and her siblings didn't have contact with her til after my grandmother was gone for fear of seeming disloyal to their mother. I think that's so stupid!

Anyway, glad that you are making room in your heart for two more. Take care.


Imseeingraggedies Nutt said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog! It means a lot to me! I am really enjoying getting to know my siblings! That is great that yall did finally get to know your other siblings as well. I hope yall are still in contact with each other. Family is so important.

dale said...

I can say as Kailtin's (she is on the left in the pic) mom that God has truly blessed us with finding Shawnette and Jeffrey. I know that God does things for a reason and I feel that this was time for everyone to find each other. I can't wait for Kaitlin to meet her big sis and have her hug her and see what a beautiful young woman Kaitlin has become. I look forward to meeting everyone real soon.

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