Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Miss Beasley E-pattern!

Beasley doll  and mini PM

Beasley doll and mini PM

This is my rendition of Miss Beasley doll! I loved her while I was growing up! You will recieve 2 pattern sizes

Price: US$6.00

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OMGosh! Do you remember Miss Beasley? Do you remember my doll I made? I can't believe it has been since '07 since I made her! WOW! Time flies! It has taken me literally 2 days to sit here and type up the instructions! I almost forgot how to make an epattern! LOL There are several step by step pics for you to reference to. This is for the Epattern, if you would like the paper pattern, just email me or go to the patternmart site and click on more info. It will give you the instructions how to order. I hope you like her! I hope to get more finished soon!
Thank you for taking interest in my blog!


PatC - All is Bright said...

Hi! I'm from Texas too. San Antonio Tx. I love your 5" Annies - they are soooo cute! Your other Annies are cute too.



Imseeingraggedies Nutt said...

Hi PatC!
Thanks for the sweet comment and stopping by to say hi!
I checked out your annies too! Very good work! So cute!
Come back soon! :)
Shawnette :)

Firecracker Annie! Available!