Monday, July 9, 2012

7 Horses!!!

Good morning! I just wanted to let you know that I have FINALLY listed again on Ebay! I am giving it one last shot! I couldn't get my template to work last night, after several hours of attempting! So it is a plain Jane listing. :( Any way, if you like horses you will love these! Or at least I hope you will! Soo many hours went into each one! Their faces are machine sculpted! I hope you have a chance to pop over to Ebay and take a look! Here is the link to Ebay Well off to work, Have a great week and thanks for peeking!!! Shawnette


Ally said...

i would love to buy the pattern for these horses, ive emailed you some weeks ago but not sure u got my mail.

Imseeingraggedies Nutt said...

Hi Ally I am so sorry! I don't remember seeing your email. I won't be making these into pattern form as of yet. Some patterns I just want to keep exclusively mine. I appreciate you taking the time to ask though!
I hope you understand.
Shawnette :)

Ally said...

Hi Shaunette
i totally understand and ty for taking the time to reply. I spotted one or two other things on ur site i wouldnt mind a pattern from so is it ok to get back to u after i go a hunting?
Allu ( uk )

Firecracker Annie! Available!